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The ru
les are

1. I only do anime style.
2. Please sent your request to…
3. I don't do Extreme H (intercourse etc).
4. No refund. My finished works will be around the art on my gallery so please check it first .
5. You can request change 2 times max, unless its a fatal error.
6. I will post the requested art in my Gallery unless you have good reason for me to not post the art in my gallery.
7. Please wait till I respond to your request @ Facebook, i might refuse some request due to not following rule or currently busy.
8. Pay me first then i start working your request.
9. you can do whatever you want with the finished request but if u want to use it for commercial purpose, please inform me.

Price list*

1.  Full Character $25 per pose.
2.  Half body Character $20.
3.  Head shot Character  $15.
4.  Non-Human complicated Char (dragon etc) $30
5.  Background ( Simple +5$, complicated +15$)
6.  Animation please contact me @…
7.  Comic/Manga $20 per page.

*If you want to negotiate the price feel free to contact me at facebook or via note (but i check facebook more often)


Transfer bank

- International Bank transfer to Indonesia if possible
- Paypal
- Western Union

Please check my gallery for example…

as for animation sample please visit it on youtube :

Thank you very much :3
i;m back :v.................

well yeah back.......
Thx for ppls who fav my art
and no problem, u all deserve it for ppls who get fav  from me :3
sorry sometime i didnt reply... i rarely get on DA..
Imma sing~

la la la la la x 10000000000
"Its not the drawing skill that made them Beautiful
its the story that made them Legendary"
ty for accepting me~~ :3

YAY got  few artshop software and i try draw with it :3

and also try make a video even still... x,x well check it out ^^ u will see…

hope day after day i can draw better in digital world o/